Saturday, March 24, 2012

Womanthology Extras!

The main character's older brother in mine and Gail's story is a serious comic book reader, so in order to make it believable, I decided to draw a lot of different comic covers and posters separately, color them and then photoshop them onto the main pages. I had way too much fun doing these and a lot of them were drawn very small (some weren't drawn bigger than two inches) and inked with a brush pen.

Beastia was one of my favorite pages to draw, I looked at a lot of Frazetta for inspiration. Not just for his buxom women but also his inking! I gotta practice hardcore Frazetta style inking more often, maybe one day I can do it justice. I really liked the extra pages I did for Beastia too.
 The Deadclaw pages were a LOT of fun. And the cheesy backpack ad... I have no excuse... I just thought it'd be funny, especially since at the time, I saw a lot of ads for the DC/Chuck shoes in the comics I had been buying.

Hellblazer was a big influence for the style of the Zombie Hell pages and I inked these with a brush instead of with tech pens. I really enjoyed doing these as well and zombies are pretty fun to draw, haha!

Also, should note that I'm going to be doing a signing on March 25th at Emerald Knights in Burbank! A lot of my fellow Womanthology artists and writers will be there as well so please come and say hello!!

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