Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Womanthology is OUT TODAY! And Wonder Con info!

Starting today, Womanthology will be available in stores!! Please go to your local comic book store or book store to pick up a copy! I'm so excited to see it, this book is a labor of love for everyone involved and we're so grateful for the feedback and support we've gotten. Hopefully there will be more books like this to come!

I will be at Wonder Con THIS WEEK! Womanthology will be out there in full force! We have a panel on Saturday morning, an Artist Alley table next to our leader Renae De Liz, and IDW is throwing us a party for the release on Saturday at their booth at 5PM! Everyone is welcome to come and say hello! I won't be able to put any shifts onto the Womanthology table, but I will have my own table in the Small Press section at table SP-103.

As well as my usual fare of prints and a few of my t-shirts (they're going FAST, get them while you can!), I will have some more resin necklaces, some original work for sake (including some of the pages for Womanthology!), copies of Ranunculus, and a new book featuring my Quickie Comics!

This book has a lot of the quick comics I drew about Doctor Who, comics, and general nerdiness. Some of these have been posted on the web, but I've gone through all the comics and really polished them up and re-lettered them!

Please come to the convention and stop by and say hello! :D

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Travis McClain said...

After attending the "Womanthology" panel at C2E2 on Saturday, I bought a copy of Quick Comics. It wasn't the only comic I bought at the con, but it was the only one I took the time to actually read at the hotel room. I completely loved it enough that I only half-paid attention to an episode of Cheers that was on TV and I was willing to overlook the handful of spelling gaffes.

In fact, it was such terrific stuff that I returned to purchase another copy to give to a friend. It's refreshing to see such enthusiasm and candidness out of an artist and I look forward to your future work.

(P.S.: I said all this to you at the show and you were very gracious.)

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