Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post Con Commissions Dump!

Realized that I have a huge backlog of art done for convention commissions and trades so it all gets dumped here! All of these were either done at or for Wonder Con 2012 or C2E2 2012. Both cons were wonderful and I had such a great time! Also, at both cons, I was at the Womanthology panel so thank you so much for everyone who came by and brought their GIGANTIC books with them!

I also had the pleasure to be on two podcasts! Chicago podcast group Progressively Aggressive covered the Womanthology panel at C2E2 and were kind enough to ask awesome table buddy Katie Shanahan and I to come on their podcast which we recorded on the last day of the convention! Katie's awesome brother Shaggy Shanahan also had my best pal and cowriter of Ranunculus, Alix Clinkingbeard, and I on his own awesome podcast, Talking to the Micromaphone! We recorded this in our hotel room Saturday night instead of going out for drinks (we were too tired!) and it ended up being a nearly two hour long discussion about Womanthology, C2E2, working in Artist Alley, storytelling, etc. I listen to Shaggy's podcast regularly and I find both of the Shanahans to be hilarious so I'm mostly sitting there giggling, which I apologize for.

Anyway, I need to say thank you to a lot of people so here is the list of heartfelt THANKS:
Wonder Con: Thank you to the staff at Wonder Con for being awesome! Thank you to IDW for hosting the Womanthology signing party and for all of the wonderful support! Thank you to my fellow Womanthologists Renae De Liz, Laura Morley, Jody Houser, Barbara Randall Kesel, Ma'at Crookes, Jenna Busch, Cat Staggs, Fiona Staples, and Amanda Deibert for being so awesome and friendly! Thank you to Eddie Berganza for looking over my portfolio and the informative critique! Thank you to Ilana Horwitz for being kind enough to watch my table for me when I had to run around like a nutter on Saturday! Thank you to R.C. Young also for being kind enough to watch the table as well! Thank you to Karen Luk for CHOCOLATE TIME! Thank you to Jim Lee for being so encouraging, it was an honor to meet you, sir! Thank you to Martin Hsu for all the hugs, it's always a joy to see you! And thank you to everyone who stopped by, said hello, bought things, commissioned work and for supporting me!

C2E2: Thank you to Mike Negin for being AWESOME and sorting out all the confusion at my first C2E2! Thank you to Katie and Shaggy Shanahan for being the FUNNEST TABLE BUDDIES EVER, and extra thanks to Shaggy for being the most tolerant hotel roomie! Thank you ALWAYS to BFF Alix Clinkingbeard, you're my forever girl!! Thank you to Sarah Johnson for the food runs, continuing patience and for letting me crash at your place on Sunday! Thank you to my fellow Womanthologists Gail Simone (SEXY CATMAN), Raven Moore, Janet Lee, Lauren Burke, Jessica Daniels, and Candice Reilly-Powell for being awesome! Thank you to the Simone family overall for the wonderful support, it's always lovely to see you guys!! Thank you to Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti for always being so friendly and encouraging when I see you guys! Thank you to Eric Canete for the GORGEOUS sketch, hopefully we can see more of each other in LA sometime! Thank you to Sean Murphy and Jim Cheung for being so nice to this comic noob! And thank you to everyone who stopped by, said hello, bought things, commissioned work and for all the support!
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