Monday, June 18, 2012

AM2 Con 2012 Report

Thank you to everyone who came out to see me at AM2 2012! Despite the loud music coming from the stage right next to Artist Alley, it was a nice con and I got to meet a lot of talented artists! It was also really nice to be sharing a table with Grace/fictograph and having our table be near friends like Olga/Urdchama, Jen/jabart, Christie/lychi, Val/artigraphy, and Kathryn/taffygiraffe

Here's the usual commissions posts. I also was taking $1 head sketches in order to raise money to help out with Renae De Liz's recent hospital bills. More info on that here.

I will be at San Diego Comic Con 2012 but I'm not sure where exactly I'll be, but definitely will be there on Thursday as a panelist for the Womanthology panel! Past that, I'm hoping to have some space over at the Womanthology table at Comikaze, and having my own table at this year's Yaoi Con.

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Janey said...

Goofed on that first comment >_>

Hi Jean, this is Jane! I wonder if you remember me.. Anywho, it was nice to see you at AM^2. I'm sure I'll bump into you again at Comikaze.


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