Monday, June 4, 2012

Events and Convention Commissions Open!

There are fun things going on! First of all, Girls Drawing Girls is holding an event on Sunday, 6/10/2012 called 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' at Mom's Bar in Santa Monica!

Also, I will be at AM2 Con in Anaheim on 6/15/2012-6/17/2012 in Artist Alley at table E6 with my friend Grace Fong, aka fictograph. I joined rather late in the game so my name isn't in the program book or the site, but just look for table E6 or for 'fictograph' and I'll be there. AM2 is an anime convention and there is no entrance fee so please come if you can! Here is a handy map where I think the table is going to be...

Somewhere around here...
I have opened up pre-convention commissions! I do accept commissions on site but I like doing these because I can spend a bit more time on them to make them look extra nice. Currently, I have 5 sketchcard size commissions and 2 letter size commissions open! Please be attending AM2 Con to order these commissions and to pick them up.

See you guys there!

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