Monday, February 17, 2014

5 Second Day

I’m not really an animator. Not at all in fact. I’m not particularly good at it nor do I have the dedication to do try to do it well. I’m much better at storyboarding Having said that though, it’s really fun to try something you’re not good at with a friend and finishing something that’s sort of ridiculous and sort of awesome.
Being a part of Titmouse during 5 Second Day this year gave us that opportunity! For those who don’t know what 5 Second Day is, it’s a day where Titmouse employees get a day to create their own short cartoons that have to be at least five seconds long. Also, this year they are screening the films made during 5 Second Day at the Egyptian Theater! Tickets can be bought here.
Katamaru and I teamed up and created a short film about a kitten called ‘Poot!’ Hopefully it’ll be posted soon and I can link it back here! For now, if you’re in the area, please come see us and all the films made during 5 Second Day! :D