About Me

E-mail: jean.kang07@gmail.com

BA in Illustration from Art Center College of Design, August 2006
Entertainment Art Academy
Concept Design Academy

Animation Projects
'Harley Quinn'- Storyboard Artist
'Spirit: Riding Free'- Storyboard Artist
'Dinotrux'- Storyboard Artist/Revisionist
'The Croods'- Storyboard Revisionist
'Puss in Boots'- Storyboard Revisionist
'King Julien'- Storyboard Revisionist
'Veggie Tales: In the House'- Storyboard Revisionist
'Hot in Cleveland: The Animated Episode'- Storyboard Artist
'Spellbound'- Storyboard Artist
'Where's My Water' Animated Series- Prop Designer
'Zombie Murder Explosion Die'- Background Painter
'Good Vibes'- Character Layout Artist and Library Builder
'Popzilla'- Character and Prop Designer and Builder
'Rainbow Brite: Return to Rainbow Land' Animated Short- Prop Designer
'The Animated Adventures of Bob and Doug McKenzie'- Storyboard Revisionist, Character Builder, Prop Designer, Effects Designer, Background Painter

Game Projects
Club Penguin- Clean-up Artist 
'iCarly: iCrush it With Spencer' Game- Background Artist and Prop Designer
'True Jackson: Fashion Fury' Game- Character, Prop, and Background Designer
'Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestoria' Games- Background and Prop Designer
'TechDeck'  Games- Prop and Background Designer
'Beanie Babies 2.0'- Character and Prop Designer

Miscellaneous Projects and Art Shows
How to Train Your Dragon 2: Flight and Fury Tribute Art Show- Contributing Artist 'This is Berk'
Meltdown Gallery Presents: The Doctor is In- Contributing Artist 'Journey's End'
Womanthology Space: Aliens Issue 2- Contributing Artist 'The Agency'
Womanthology Vol 1: 'Heroic'- Contributing Artist 'In Every Heart a Masterwork'
The Power Object- Art Director
Girls Drawin Girls Vol 4: 'The Way Nature Made Her'- Contributing Artist 'Chinese Cabbage'
Girls Drawin Girls Gallery Show 'Sugar and Spice'- Contributing Artist 'Butterscotch Sundae', 'Chocolate Sundae', and 'Banana Split'
Girls Drawin Girls Gallery Show 'Bitter/Sweet'- Contributing Artist '85% Cacao' and '32% Cacao'

Oddbot, INC.
Sonic Bunny Productions LLC
IDW Publishing
Six Point Two/Six Point Harness
Animax Entertainment LLC
Girls Drawin Girls
Titmouse, Inc
Dreamworks TV Animation 
Warner Bros. Animation

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Flash
Adobe Illustrator
Toon Boom Storyboard Pro
Microsoft Office
Proficient in Mac and PC

Select Specialized Skills
Storyboard and revision work
Character design
Prop design
Color styling
Background layout
Flash library building
Concept design
Comic book illustration skills
Basic animation skills (in-betweening and clean up)
Strong digital and tradition painting skills
Strong drawing and anatomy skills